Dag Skindlo

Non-executive Chairman

Dag Skindlo became the Non-executive Chairman of KLXE in June 2021. Previously, Mr. Skindlo became a Director of KLXE upon the completion of the merger with QES in July 2020. Mr. Skindlo served on the QES Board since the company’s listing on the NYSE in February 2018 through the merger in July 2020. Mr. Skindlo served on the board of directors of the general partner of QES LP from April 2016 to February 2018. Mr. Skindlo is the Chief Executive Officer of Archer Limited, one of the former QES Principal Stockholders, since March 2020 and was previously its Chief Financial Officer from April 2016 to March 2020. Mr. Skindlo served as a Director of Archer Limited from March 2016 until May 2019. Mr. Skindlo is a business-oriented executive with 25 years of oil and gas industry experience. Mr. Skindlo joined Schlumberger in 1992 where he held various financial and operational positions. Mr. Skindlo then joined the Aker Group of companies in 2005, where his experience from Aker Kvaerner, Aker Solutions and Kvaerner includes both global CFO roles and Managing Director roles for several large industrial business divisions. Prior to joining Archer in 2016, Mr. Skindlo was with private equity group HitecVision where he served as CEO for Aquamarine Subsea. Mr. Skindlo earned a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH). Our Board benefits from Mr. Skindlo’s extensive experience with public and private investments, including investments in the oil and gas industry.

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